Faye's Fortnightly Email

The fortnightly email from the Head of Sixth Form to our students

Hi all,

Hope that you’ve all had a good week. My highlight was certainly watching Footloose on Wednesday night – a fantastic production that show-cased the skills of so many of you. If you were involved (on-stage or in the band or back-stage) then many thanks and huge congratulations. One of the most pleasing elements was the way the cast were clearly united from Year 13 to Year 7 and I have heard so many great reports about the leadership that our sixth-form students brought to the whole production. Well done and the confidence and skills developed through this will look great on any CV as well as giving you fantastic memories of your time here. A special thanks to Emma and Margaret who had the vision (and the energy) to put on such a magnificent production.

Please read the attached leaflet about the organisation of the exams for May / June 2018. Just to be clear about registering for your exams:

• Morning exams – you must be at the meeting point in the Common Room by 8.45am
• Afternoon exams – you must be at the meeting point in the Common Room by 1.00pm.

The meeting point is by the BC6F exams noticeboard between the main entrance from the foyer and the staff room door.

Exam Technique
You will soon see the following symbols up in and around the College – they are meant to help you understand the crucial general techniques needed to do well in any exam. Over the next few weeks, I’ll clarify exactly what each remaining symbol means.


 Read the question carefully (that means read it at least twice).
 Underline key words.
 Identify what the INSTRUCTION of the question is. INSTRUCTION questions include: agree/disagree; cause/effect; problem/solution; advantages /disadvantages; discussion; etc.

Exam Timetable
The exam timetable for May-June 2018 is on the BC6F website.

Revision Resources
Our website has been updated and this page contains resources created and collated by us to help you with the key areas of revision in the weeks coming up to your exams:

1) Effective Revision Skills
2) Note-Taking Skills
3) Essay Writing Skills
4) Learning Quotes
5) Mindfulness

Please also remember that what really matters at this time of year is that you don’t rev in neutral: if you need help, guidance or advice about how to plan / how to revise / mindfulness – please let us know as soon as possible. We are happy to help individuals or even to deliver some group sessions to help support your achievement. Experts agree that the right preparation can improve your results by two grades. There are many ways to review work, and hard work, planning and starting early will maximise your chances of getting the best grades you can.

Keep on running….
Congratulations to Lisa on a ridiculously fast time last Sunday in the London Marathon. She was the second Deacon to finish (8 mins behind her hubby) and was the 182nd woman overall which is pretty very impressive. Comments about whether I could cycle as quickly as Lisa runs would be both unfair and unwelcome.

The quote above is exactly what you may need to read if you have trouble with putting things off or procrastinating. If you are struggling with motivating yourself to take action, think of it this way… What would a successful person do? If they were you, they wouldn’t mess around and make excuses, because excuses don’t make progress. And you know what no progress means, don’t you?

It means you won’t make any progress or become any more successful. In other words, when you make excuses, you have no right to complain about having no improvements in your life. Taking action now is what gets you closer and closer to your dreams. Taking action on what you know is just getting to work before trying to come up with the perfect plan, perfect timing or getting the perfect tools.

The quote above says it best: “There are only two options: Make progress or make excuses”. Which will you do? Will you keep binge watching Netflix TV shows, telling yourself you’ll start revision / coursework tomorrow? Or will you take a step forward, make progress and pursue those top grades?

And finally….
Aside from the birth of a royal baby, surprisingly not called James, the other big news this week is the remarkable resemblance between the haircuts of a number of post-16 male students and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un. I am reliably informed that this style of haircut has a name – the ‘Meet me at McDonalds’ cut. I am quite sure that the title of the haircut is not meant in a complimentary way. Much as I enjoy an irregular McDonald's, there is no way that I would consider having my hair cut in any way, shape, or form that would indicate my personal burger joint preference. I can only imagine some awful haircuts if other food establishments were lucky enough to feature as part of the haircut name. What on earth would the ‘Meet me at Nandos’ look like? Or worse: the ‘Meet me at Pizza Express’. Still, if haircuts do show your choice of eatery then at least we know that Paul’s favourite is Sat Bains.

Have a good weekend.