Hi All...

The weekly email from our Operations Director to our students

Hi all,

Hope that you’ve all had a good week. My highlight was certainly watching Footloose on Wednesday night – a fantastic production that show-cased the skills of so many of you. If you were involved (on-stage or in the band or back-stage) then many thanks and huge congratulations. One of the most pleasing elements was the way the cast were clearly united from Year 13 to Year 7 and I have heard so many great reports about the leadership that our sixth-form students brought to the whole production. Well done and the confidence and skills developed through this will look great on any CV as well as giving you fantastic memories of your time here. A special thanks to Emma and Margaret who had the vision (and the energy) to put on such a magnificent production.

Please read the attached leaflet about the organisation of the exams for May / June 2018. Just to be clear about registering for your exams:

• Morning exams – you must be at the meeting point in the Common Room by 8.45am
• Afternoon exams – you must be at the meeting point in the Common Room by 1.00pm.

The meeting point is by the BC6F exams noticeboard between the main entrance from the foyer and the staff room door.

Exam Technique
You will soon see the following symbols up in and around the College – they are meant to help you understand the crucial general techniques needed to do well in any exam. Over the next few weeks, I’ll clarify exactly what each remaining symbol means.


 Read the question carefully (that means read it at least twice).
 Underline key words.
 Identify what the INSTRUCTION of the question is. INSTRUCTION questions include: agree/disagree; cause/effect; problem/solution; advantages /disadvantages; discussion; etc.

Exam Timetable
The exam timetable for May-June 2018 is on the BC6F website.

Revision Resources
Our website has been updated and this page contains resources created and collated by us to help you with the key areas of revision in the weeks coming up to your exams:

1) Effective Revision Skills
2) Note-Taking Skills
3) Essay Writing Skills
4) Learning Quotes
5) Mindfulness

Please also remember that what really matters at this time of year is that you don’t rev in neutral: if you need help, guidance or advice about how to plan / how to revise / mindfulness – please let us know as soon as possible. We are happy to help individuals or even to deliver some group sessions to help support your achievement. Experts agree that the right preparation can improve your results by two grades. There are many ways to review work, and hard work, planning and starting early will maximise your chances of getting the best grades you can.

Keep on running….
Congratulations to Lisa on a ridiculously fast time last Sunday in the London Marathon. She was the second Deacon to finish (8 mins behind her hubby) and was the 182nd woman overall which is pretty very impressive. Comments about whether I could cycle as quickly as Lisa runs would be both unfair and unwelcome.

The quote above is exactly what you may need to read if you have trouble with putting things off or procrastinating. If you are struggling with motivating yourself to take action, think of it this way… What would a successful person do? If they were you, they wouldn’t mess around and make excuses, because excuses don’t make progress. And you know what no progress means, don’t you?

It means you won’t make any progress or become any more successful. In other words, when you make excuses, you have no right to complain about having no improvements in your life. Taking action now is what gets you closer and closer to your dreams. Taking action on what you know is just getting to work before trying to come up with the perfect plan, perfect timing or getting the perfect tools.

The quote above says it best: “There are only two options: Make progress or make excuses”. Which will you do? Will you keep binge watching Netflix TV shows, telling yourself you’ll start revision / coursework tomorrow? Or will you take a step forward, make progress and pursue those top grades?

And finally….
Aside from the birth of a royal baby, surprisingly not called James, the other big news this week is the remarkable resemblance between the haircuts of a number of post-16 male students and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un. I am reliably informed that this style of haircut has a name – the ‘Meet me at McDonalds’ cut. I am quite sure that the title of the haircut is not meant in a complimentary way. Much as I enjoy an irregular McDonald's, there is no way that I would consider having my hair cut in any way, shape, or form that would indicate my personal burger joint preference. I can only imagine some awful haircuts if other food establishments were lucky enough to feature as part of the haircut name. What on earth would the ‘Meet me at Nandos’ look like? Or worse: the ‘Meet me at Pizza Express’. Still, if haircuts do show your choice of eatery then at least we know that Paul’s favourite is Sat Bains.

Have a good weekend.



Hi all,

I hope you all enjoyed your break and, if you’re in Year 13, I hope you managed to make a real impact on your revision.

Every time you log-in next week, you will notice a message that appears on your screen. This message is intended to be a reminder of your role on this site and the responsibilities that being the eldest students on this site brings.
• Please feel free to use the picnic tables outside the Common Room but keep the area tidy and litter free;
• Be mindful of your music –keep it to a minimum volume level, play appropriate music and speakers must NOT be used outside;
• Whilst we are enjoying the heat please can we dress appropriately and be aware that beach wear is not appropriate for College;
• Mobile phones - calls should only be made in the Common Room.

We want you to continue to enjoy the privileges of being part of BC6F so please can you uphold these expectations.

Exam Timetable
The exam timetable for May-June 2018 is on the BC6F website. Apart from a few slackers, most of you have collected your individual timetables already.

Chemistry Revision – University of Nottingham
Registration is open for an A-level Chemistry Revision Workshop on May 4th at the University. The cost is just £15 per student for an entire day and includes a booklet of revision notes. You don’t need to be accompanied by a teacher– just let Melissa know if you’re going please so we can mark the register accordingly. Links to the web store with more info and booking instructions for each workshop:


If you’re doing Chemistry A-level, I really do encourage you to attend.

Bramcote College Tours
We are looking for some Y12 volunteers to help with parental school tours over the next term. These would mainly be parents of KS3 students considering sending their child to Bramcote College alongside students external to us looking to join BC6F. This would be a great opportunity to demonstrate your ability to be a positive role model (and would look great on your CV and UCAS application!). We would provide you with guidance and training in advance and wherever possible this would not interfere with your studies.

If you are interested, please let Faye know.

MenB vaccine study participation
Thank you to all 35 of you who have volunteered to be part of this really important vaccine study. That is a real testament to your willingness to help others – well done.

Year 13 – UCAS deadlines
I know that many of you have begun to respond to your UCAS offers, but for those of you still to do so, please bear in mind the deadlines:

If you do not respond by these deadlines, your places are automatically declined so make sure you've made your decisions formally via UCAS Track. Remember that if you are having both a first and insurance choice, your insurance choice should have LOWER conditions than your first. If you need to discuss your decisions, please see Faye for advice.

Year 12 - University of Cambridge
• Peterhouse & University Open Days: 5th and 6th July 2018

The Cambridge Open Days for prospective applicants in Year 12 are on the 5th and 6th July 2018. The Open Days offer a programme of course, application and student life presentations alongside course information stands. Tours and additional sessions may also be available in departments and many colleges will be open all day for Cambridge Open Day visitors. Booking will open in late April. See here for more information. Our primary link college – Peterhouse - will be open on both days for drop-in visitors, with college tours and the opportunity to speak to current students, Admissions Tutors and Directors of Studies. The Open Days are a great opportunity for prospective applicants to get a feel for the university, so please attend if you are thinking of an Oxbridge application.

• Peterhouse Area Links Applicant Mentoring Scheme

This scheme consists of subject information, reading recommendations and advice on personal statements and making a competitive application, all delivered from the Admissions Office via email. If you are interested then please follow this link and sign up.

Staying engaged with revision is a challenge – but one that can be mastered. The best way to increase your confidence and reduce anxiety is to be well prepared, so start your revision in good time. Many teachers will build it into your course but you will need to make your own plans as well to make sure you have covered all the topics you think you need to know.

1. Make a revision plan. Allocate more time to subjects you are unsure about or did a long time ago. More recent work will be fresher in your mind and will probably not need as much time spending on it. Your plan needs to be flexible to allow for some things taking longer than you expect. Be realistic about how much time you can work each day and how much you can get through in the time. Revise subjects that make you feel anxious fairly early on so that you reduce the anxiety and feel you have the time to deal with them. It may be best not to do them first, but to begin with something you know well to boost your confidence.
• Active revision is better than passive revision.
• Take notes. Make summaries of notes.
• Review what you have learned regularly.
• Recite aloud, test yourself and make cards or tapes to use outside the study situation.

2. Practice. Use the material you have learned to write essay plans, write answers to single questions from past papers, do full collections if these have been avoided. Practice short answers, if these are part of your examinations. Get feedback from teachers if possible.
3. Look after yourself. Revision is hard work so make sure you eat and sleep well and take time off to relax, see friends and exercise. This will make you more productive. Avoid excessive use of caffeine (and alcohol). Don't stay up all night revising. You will perform much better after a good night's sleep.

Thanks to Richard for the following:

A great effort by the BC6F Football team this week who played the South Notts cup quarter final. Adapting Wimbledon tactics, in homage to James, BC6F quickly pushed back the Arnold Hill team. We took the lead through Tom McFadden who scored a goal that even a top professional would have been proud of. Bramcote continued with their tactics of getting forward quickly and this led to Bright Agana winning and then scoring a penalty.
The second half started with Arnold Hill taking charge and they started to show their talents. A quick scrambled brace saw the scores level and Arnold Hill then grabbed the lead and went further in front. BC6F FC didn't give up and a through ball from Ben Peebles allowed Agana to score his second. Unfortunately time ran out with Arnold winning the game 4-3. A big thank you to both Tom McFadden and Chris Luff who organised the team and training.

Student Finance
New students should apply online at www.gov.uk/studentfinance. Those of you who have applied to university for September 2018 should have already been notified that Student Finance applications have now opened as of Monday 12th February. We advise logging on and setting yourself up an account ASAP. The Student Finance process is relatively lengthy, so the sooner you complete and submit it, the sooner you will have secured your student funding ahead of September. Click on the link above to begin. Please see Faye with any queries.

And finally….
Many years ago, Top Gear had one if its great challenges as Clarkson took on a marathon runner. They both had to cover the course of the London Marathon (and the runner won). A few years later, another challenge saw the 3 presenters (plus the Stig) race across London from Kew to London City Airport (the bike won). Well, Sunday sees an opportunity to be involved in a race across London as our very own Lisa Deacon runs in the London Marathon. On the day you can log in here and track Lisa’s progress.

We wish her well!

Have a good weekend.