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The Confucius Classroom at Alderman White School is planning to organise regular Student Summer Camps in China from 2017. The purpose of the student camp is to enable students to learn Mandarin in a target language environment and enhance their language ability especially in listening, speaking and reading. The camp will also inspire students by allowing them to experience a very different way of life and culture and savour the delights of authentic Chinese cuisine. During the visit, the students will be able to meet Chinese students of the same age, experience secondary-school life in China, exchange ideas about education with Chinese students, as well as explore the some of the many local sights. What better way is there to prepare students for a more global future?

Proposed dates of the Camp

During half term in Oct 2017.

Organizers of the camp:

The Confucius Classroom at Alderman White School, Nottingham Confucius Institute and Fudan University (one of the top 3 universities in China)

Target Group:

Students aged between 16-18 who have followed a course in Mandarin through CCAWS or any NCI teaching hubs for at least 3 months or for  40+ hours are eligible to apply.

All participants  are required to register for one of the YCT assessments.

Places are limited to 20.

Summer camp details:

The two week trip will cover 2-3 typical cities in China as well as places of scenic interest nearby. The initial proposal is to visit Shanghai, Ningbo or Hangzhou.

Proposed activities:

  • The summer camp will focus on teaching Mandarin to the CCAWS students whilst also offering exciting cultural lessons and activities including;
  • around 20 hours of Chinese learning
  • traditional Chinese cultural activities
  • visits to local historical and cultural places of interest
  • activities with local Chinese students
  • home visits will be organized with host schools where possible
  • more activities tbc.

Estimated budget:

The camp is generously funded by Hanban for all the in-China costs, including language and cultural lessons, food and accommodation, travel and transportation as well as some of the planned visits.

Students will be responsible for their visa costs, travel insurance, UK domestic travel costs, international air travel and pocket money.

Visa Insurance UK travel International travel Pocket money Total amount
£151 ≈£20 ≈£60 £410-£650 £50-£300 ≈£690-£1200


Update: October 2017

Our first ever trip to China has now left, with 18 students along with Ms Parker and Mr Clifford arriving safely and beginning to settle in.
We're using our social media accounts to post updates and photos throughout the trip, click here to go straight to the photo album on Facebook.

In addition, Mr Heery and Alderman White School's Headtacher Mrs Caley are also there, setting up partnerships with schools in Ningbo and taking part in education conferences. They will be meeting up with our sixth formers shortly, but in the mean time you can follow their blog straight from China here, including photos showing the differences in school life between our two cultures.