Faye's Fortnightly Email

The fortnightly email from the Head of Sixth Form to our students

Hello KS5,

Well done to the Year 13s (and some Y12s) who have now completed their mock exams (with the exception of Ellie who has three days of Art exams next week). Hopefully you have found it useful to experience what it will be like in the summer in terms of volume of exams and how you prepare for them. I have asked teachers to share grades with you as soon as they are able and you should have had them all back by Monday 4th February at the latest. The most important thing is that you discuss your targets carefully with your teachers so you know exactly what to do to improve over the next few months.

It was great to have such positive feedback about the two residential trips that went on last week. By all accounts, Anya totally fell in love with Channel 4 during her two day placement in London and at one point I wasn't sure if she'd agree to get on the train home as she was enjoying herself so much! Anya is a great example of someone who takes advantage of the opportunities she has been given and is not afraid to take risks in terms of her choices and experiences.

Well done to our six Y12 boys who travelled to Loughborough University to work on their gas turbine cylinder project that may eventually be used in a Rolls Royce engine. They certainly look the part using the impressive engineering facilities available to them.

Y13 Apprenticeships

Please ensure those of you applying for apprenticeships have signed up to the government website and that you have set alerts for the kind of roles you are interested in. Remember that you can still do this alongside a UCAS application and decide later down the line (as late as August results day) what direction you want to take. Please also ensure you are checking you emails daily during the college week as Caryn Welch and I are regularly sending out information about fantastic opportunities available.

Now all applications have been submitted, it is great to hear of the offers flooding in. Remember that you cannot make your final choice(s) until all offers are in. Making a decision about a first and (if necessary) insurance choice can be really difficult and it is important to take a variety of factors into account. Please do ensure you discuss your decisions with parents, tutors and teachers. Or feel free to come and see me as I have lots of experience with UCAS decisions. There are now some important dates to bear in mind:

Key Date Event Additional Information
February 2019 Student Finance Applications open (date TBC).  UCAS will remind you once the date has been confirmed and I will also email you to remind you to crack on.
25th February 2019 UCAS Extra opens. Anyone who has received rejections from all choices or has chosen to withdraw all choices will be given the opportunity for one final choice.
 1st May 2019 Final deadline to respond to offers received before 31st March.  If you receive all offers by 31st March, you will need to make your final decision. All places will be withdrawn if you miss this deadline.
 2nd May 2019 Universities' final date for decisions.  If you applied before January 15th, universities must give a decision on your choices. 
 6th June 2019 Final deadline to respond to offers received before 2nd May. If you receive all offers by 2nd May, you will need to make your final decision. All places will be withdrawn if you miss this deadline.

  4th July 


UCAS Extra deadline .

Final day to enter into UCAS Extra 

Please see me with any questions.

Cyber Security

Any of you interested in cyber security should take a look at the government initiative below aimed at 14-18 year olds. It is an online course in four parts designed to give you an introduction to the different areas that fall under the umbrella of cyber security. It would certainly be a valuable thing to include on a CV or UCAS application if you have completed the course.



A reminder that students (and parents) should be regularly accessing G4S to access attendance and punctuality data as well as current/predicted/target grades and attitude to learning.  There are still students and parents who have yet to log on this academic year.  Please speak to one of the IT team if you or your parents need any support with this.

PWC Y12 Work Experience and Y13 Degree Apprenticeships

Caryn Welch emailed you a few days ago about two fantastic opportunities for students.  Any Y12s interested in a work experience placement with PWC should register here:


Any Y13s interested in some fantastic degree apprenticeship opportunities should register here: www.pwc.co.uk

IBM Apprenticeship Opportunities

Any Y13s considering applying for an apprenticeship should consider the options available at IBM.  Deadline is 31st January 2019 and you can still apply even if you have already submitted a UCAS application. It's a good idea to keep options open.  Click here for more details:


Airbus Apprenticeship Opportunities

Any Y13s interested in apprenticeship opportunities with Airbus in areas like engineering, business, IT should click on the link to look into applying.  Deadline is 3rd March 2019.


Year 12 Work Experience in Law

Any Year 12 who was eligible for free school meals has the opportunity to apply for a work experience placement with a law firm in the summer.  This is a rare and exciting opportunity so please do see me or Caryn if anyone is eligible and interested in a career as a lawyer.

Y12 Nottingham University Experience Day 

We have been invited to bring a selection of Y12 students on a University Experience Day on 30th April.  Students will participate in a number of activities and really get a chance to see what university life is all about.  The event is free of charge and we will select successful students on a first come, first served basis.  There are 25 places available so please email Melissa if you would like to be considered.  It is a fantastic thing to put on university personal statements and really shows universities you have done your research.

Y12 Oxbridge Applicants

Any Y12s considering applying to either Oxford or Cambridge university (typical entry requirements are A*AA in facilitating A Level subjects), there are some residential and trip opportunities available after Christmas.  Please see us if you are interested. 


We will be awarding 2 Winner of Pizza Awards (WoPA) per fortnight. The winners will have been nominated by staff (or other students where relevant) for exceeding expectations in terms of effort, work rate, kindness, attitude.  The winners will be able to enjoy their Domino’s pizzas at lunchtime on Friday 18th January. They are:

Nathan for fantastic work ethic and impressive performance in recent Chemistry test.


Bailey for a really impressive mock exam performance in Business.

Please put your orders in with Melissa by Wednesday 30th January at the latest. 


Have a lovely weekend.