Faye's Fortnightly Email

The fortnightly email from the Head of Sixth Form to our students

Hi all,

I hope that you’ve all had a good week. Thank you to all of you who have contributed to such a positive atmosphere around College: just the little things like saying ‘Please’ / ‘Thank you’ / as well as holdings doors open for others helps make a big difference.

For the last time (I hope), please can I remind you that at the bottom of the email there is a section that is repeated every week about expectations and what to do in the event the fire alarm goes off. Please ensure you’ve read it – and note the bit especially about using your cards to swipe IN and OUT every day. We also have a zero-tolerance policy towards silly behaviour in the Common Room and a fair expectation that you should keep your room in a good state (see my email from earlier). Thank you.

This week’s INSPIRE theme is SUCCESS so what better way to start than with this:

Confucius Classroom Opening : 1st October @ 2pm
Please do come along to Alderman White School tomorrow to celebrate the opening of the Confucius Classroom. Promises to be colourful and spectacular!

Year 12 Introduction Evening
We are having an ‘Introduction Evening’ on Monday 3rd October to help support year 12 transition into Bramcote College. It will cover areas such as Key personnel and contacts;
• Bramcote College expectations; Enrichment; Bursary Funding; How you can track the attendance and progress through ‘Go4Schools’ and finally advice and timeline about the pathways for students after College.

Year 12 students are more than welcome to attend with their parents / carers. Please do let us know if you are coming so we know about providing (enough) refreshments. 
Confirmation of attendance should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mentoring Opportunities
We are looking for volunteers from Bramcote College to support and enhance the programme we are setting up to support our federation extra-curricular please. The programme involves all subjects, not just in sport but with Drama, Art, Music or any other subject.

We would really appreciate the help of MATHS students to mentor younger students – this would be fantastic.

This is a real opportunity to develop your leadership skills and to help others – two things that universities and employers look for.

If you’d like to volunteer – please email Simon: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

An almost seamless link from the volunteering to the concept of SUCCESS – both for others and for you.
Success is the achieving of the results wanted or hoped for – often through determination – something that you have had to work for.

Volunteers needed for BC Open Evening – Thursday 20th October

We would really appreciate 6-8 volunteers to help out at our Open Evening on Thursday October 20th (the next day is an INSET Day!). Please see Melissa if you could help. We’ll even try to find you a proper BC T-Shirt (to borrow!)

WoPA Winners
This week’s winners:
• Livi Weston (Year 13 – manners and politeness)
• Millie Cockbill (Year 12 – outstanding work)

Well done to both and please see Phil by next Thursday to place your order. Our pizza boy will deliver them to you in the Common Room at 1pm next Friday.

And finally…
I am still slightly shocked at the sheer greed of footballers / managers as shown by Sam Allardyce’s desire to earn an extra £400,000 on top of his £3 million salary a year. It says everything about how far from reality these footballers really are. Still, thanks to one national newspaper, he got his just reward and lost his job. A lesson for us all in that cheats never prosper.