Faye's Fortnightly Email

The fortnightly email from the Head of Sixth Form to our students

Hi all

Hope that you’ve all had a good week – and that your revision is going well. I cannot stress how important your exams are: even if you are lucky enough to hold an ‘unconditional’ offer you’re a-Level results will stay with you for the rest of your working life. It is vital that you knuckle down and put everything in to the next five weeks or so: if you don’t there will be no one to blame but yourself. For that reason I’m not too mardy about the lousy weather forecast this weekend – the predicted rain should see you inside revising.

Just to be clear about registering for your exams:

• Morning exams – you must be at the meeting point in the Common Room by 8.45am
• Afternoon exams – you must be at the meeting point in the Common Room by 1.00pm.

The meeting point is by the BC6F exams noticeboard between the main entrance from the foyer and the staff room door.

Good luck tonight
Just to let you know that 2 of our Y11 students are representing Nottinghamshire Schools FA U16 team in the ESFA schools U16 inter counties final today at Stoke City's ground. They are Jack Campbell and Ross McParland. Heidi’s son James is also in the team. We wish Notts Schools the best of luck for later. The game kicks off at 5:30 and is being streamed live on the link below:


Bramcote College Tours
We are looking for some Y12 volunteers to help with parental school tours over the next term. These would mainly be parents of KS3 students considering sending their child to Bramcote College alongside students external to us looking to join BC6F. This would be a great opportunity to demonstrate your ability to be a positive role model (and would look great on your CV and UCAS application!). We would provide you with guidance and training in advance and wherever possible this would not interfere with your studies. If you are interested, please let Faye know.

Year 13 – PKF Opportunities
Jacqui (from AWS Maths) has forwarded the following opportunities with PKF. Jacqui’s husband works there and they currently have some internship roles for school leavers who are not going to uni or are at least are taking a year out. They are paid roles which are for a year or so. The company was voted 12th in the country in the Sunday Times for the “best company to work for” and I know they have quite a few benefits and a different "google style" work ethos.

Here are the links to these great opportunities:

The People Team – 12 month Internship
IT Computing 12 month internship
Audit School Leaver Trainee Scheme (CFAB)
Outsourcing Trainee Accountant (AAT)

To find out more, please see:

We might even put in a good word about you too...so please see Faye, Phil or me if you’re thinking of applying. Thanks to Jacqui for thinking of Year 13.

Year 12 – University of Leicester Summer Opportunities
Booking are now open for their Schools Taster Conference on Friday 29 June!

Leicester’s Schools Taster Conference is a free event that provides Year 12 students the opportunity to experience lecturers in subjects of your choice.
• All of their departments will be offering taster lecturers
• You will have the flexibility to pick and choose sessions of interest to them.
• You will be offer tours of their accommodation and campus
• An opportunity to meet current students.
Further information can be found here.

There is always a clear cut difference between the successful and the unsuccessful. The difference in habits and decisions give birth to what is either being talked about or what is not. Adjusting and aligning your thoughts with successful people will start to have a profound effect on how people see you. It will also help in understanding the daily habits that successful people use to fine tune their values and standards.

One easy way to define the actions of successful people is “Successful people do all the things that unsuccessful people don’t want to do.”

Success has elements attached to it: hard work, determination and perseverance. It goes beyond the desire to be successful and means taking action to make a positive difference.

Look after yourself in the exam period:

 Get plenty of sleep. Go to bed at the same time every night. You’ll be able to stay out late as much as you like when exams are over.
 Eat properly. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins will make you more alert and positive. Now, more than ever, your five-a-day is crucial.
 Keep moving. Exercise can train your brain, like a good diet, regular exercise will make you more alert and positive.
 Don’t use your phone just before you go to sleep. To get the right kind of sleep, you need to clear your mind and wind down first.

And finally….
Away from your revision there has been some genius TV on this week. Monday night saw the ‘Car Share – unscripted’ – which had some absolutely brilliant moments – especially the visual gags that rolled past in the background such as the bus heading to "Vengabus", or the corner shop called Halaldi (which is comedy genius).

Have a good weekend. Work hard.