Faye's Fortnightly Email

The fortnightly email from the Head of Sixth Form to our students

Hello KS5,

I hope that now we are well into the first half term of the academic year you are feeling settled and motivated to work. It is great to see so many of you using your free periods effectively and this is something we are going to be working on with you in the coming weeks. Getting into good learning routines as early as possible ultimately makes exam preparation much less stressful - think of it as regular early training for a gruelling marathon.

A huge thank you to all of the students who really ‘mucked in’ this week with the painting of the Common Room. I was very impressed with the herculean input of so many of the Y13 students (and the few Y12s) who made the effort to change their space for the better. It has made a real difference to your work and social spaces, so please focus on keeping it a lovely, tidy, litter-free environment.

Best of luck (or 祝好运 zhù hǎo yùn) to the 18 Year 13s embarking on their two week trip to China next Wednesday, accompanied by Melissa and Alan. I know first-hand what an amazing experience you are in for and can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. Keep your eye on the BC6F Instagram and Facebook pages for updates.

Congratulations to the BC6F netball team (plus one Y11) who came third in an exciting inter-school tournament on Wednesday. They were victorious with their first three opponents to reach the semi-finals against Nottingham Girls’ High School, where they were sadly defeated. However, they fought back and went on to win the third place play-off against Ashfield School to secure their well-deserved bronze medals. The team have committed to working on their fitness through regular training sessions in preparation for the National Cup competition on 11th November.

Finally, I need to remind students that there is an INSET day on Friday 26th October 2018 so you will be able to begin your half term holidays (and study!) early.

Dress Code
Thank you to the vast majority of you who are adhering to the Dress Code. We will continue to monitor this so please ensure you are clear about the expectations and see me for any clarification.

As outlined in your student handbook, punctuality to lessons is a must for every KS5 student. Any issues with punctuality are formally monitored and can potentially affect your place. If for any reason students do arrive to college late, they must sign in at reception and provide a valid reason before going straight to lessons.

There are now lockers in the Common Room available for Y12 or Y13 students if they wish to store their work, lunch or personal belongings. You will need to email Tracey (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to claim one and she will give you a form to complete. We will require a £5 deposit for the key, which is refundable once it is returned to us as well as £5 per year for each locker you have.

BC6F Enrichment

For Year 12, we will begin Mandarin lessons after October half term. Mandarin is the number one spoken language in the world and is recognised as being one of the key languages to be able to speak in the future. Not only that, but 40 hours of Mandarin study followed by a short test will qualify you to be considered for one of the 18 subsidised places available on the China 2019 trip. Please see Melissa if you would like to add Mandarin lessons onto your timetable. This will be considered on a first come, first served basis so get in there quickly!

Y12 Mentors
Thank you to those Y12s who have volunteered to be mentors to Bramcote College students in Y10 or Y11. We will be in touch shortly to begin the process and give you some informal training.

British Sign Language (BSL)
Learning BSL is a great life skill to have and will be appreciated by both employers and universities. Classes begin in November on Thursdays after school but you would need to let Melissa know ASAP if you are interested. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. If you have already had a form, please complete and return to Melissa by Monday 15th October.

Open Evening Student Ambassadors
Our BC6F Open Evening for current Y11 students is happening 6pm-8.30pm on Thursday 8th November 2018. We are looking for Y12 or Y13 volunteers to help support as Student Ambassadors so if you are able to donate some of your time on the evening, please let Melissa know.

Y12 Oxbridge Applicants
Any Y12s considering applying to either Oxford or Cambridge university (typical entry requirements are A*AA in facilitating A Level subjects), there are some residential and trip opportunities available after Christmas. Please see us if you are interested.

Leap Skills Workshops
The UK’s largest student accommodation provider, Unite Students, is running free, interactive, 90-minute workshops throughout October to December to help sixth formers feel more confident and prepared for what to expect during the big leap to university. Leap Skills will feature a series of interactive, scenario-based activities and an informative tour. Register your interest here:


NHS Careers Open Day – TOMORROW 13th October 2018
Nottingham University Hospitals will be holding a Careers and Recruitment Open Day on Saturday 13th October 11am – 3pm at the Postgraduate Education Centre, on the Queens Medical Centre site.

This will be a great event for any of student/parent who would like to learn more about the breadth of career opportunities within the NHS; as QMC and other local health partners will be there to share their experiences and demonstrate the work they do.

As you can see from the flyer there will be lots of different departments represented, please note that places (free to attend) can be booked through the link on the flyer.

BTEC Driver Course
The Driving Force BTEC Level II Driving and Driver Education, is the UK’s leading in-school and in-car driver education course. Accredited by Edexcel, the course offers a fantastic opportunity for students to gain important life skills in an academic environment leading onto their adult future. The BTEC Driver course is a curriculum or enrichment option that excites and engages students, puts parents at ease, and provides the Sixth Form centre with an attractive course that may entitle you to discounted insurance. If you are interested (Y12 or Y13) please see Melissa.

Aspiring Professionals Programme (APP)
The APP supports high achieving Year 12 students from low income backgrounds across the UK to access top universities and careers. We offer support through our four pillars:

1. Mentoring by a professional

2. Tailored skills sessions and career workshops

3. University application support and guidance

4. Internships with top employers

Students must apply by Friday 21st December 2018 by completing the online application form. More information here:


Please see Faye if you think you might be interested. A fantastic opportunity for those eligible.

Up until Christmas, we will be awarding 2 Winner of Pizza Awards (WoPA) per fortnight. After Christmas we will move to one winner per week. The winners will have been nominated by staff (or other students where relevant) for exceeding expectations in terms of effort, work rate, kindness, attitude. The winners will be able to enjoy their large Domino’s pizzas at lunchtime on Wednesday 17th October (as one student will be in China by next Friday!) They are:
Maddie and Anya for their commitment to organising the re-paint of the Common Room. Both girls donated their time and energy in abundance and have made a fantastic job of it. The Common Room is now a nicer space to be in all because you both got so heavily involved.

Both put your orders in with Melissa by next Tuesday at the latest.

Have a fantastic weekend,