The 16 to 19 Further Education Bursary Fund

The 16 to 19 Bursary fund can assist students by contributing to the essential expenses incurred when attending college, such as costs towards a bus pass, course materials, essential trips related to their studies and for some students, college meals.  The amount or support received varies depending on individual situations and circumstances. 

The link below explains more about eligibility:
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Our application form is attached below, and should be emailed back to us when complete.

Download this file (Bursary Fund Application Form.docx)Bursary Fund Application Form100 kB


Other Financial Information

Bramcote College Sixth Form is a part of Bramcote College. For financial information regarding other aspects the college, please see the main college website:
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Bramcote College is a member of The White Hills Park Trust.  For financial information regarding the Trust, please see its website:
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