Engineering Education Scheme – for Year 12 students at Bramcote College 6th Form


Bramcote College 6th Form is proud to be working in partnership with the Engineering Development Trust to provide our students with the opportunity to compete for a British Association (BA) CREST Award through the Engineering Education Scheme.

The Engineering Education Scheme is a 6 month EDT Programme which links teams of Year 12 students and their teacher with local companies where they work on real, scientific, engineering and technology projects. This year our students worked with Rolls Royce. For more information about this year’s project please see the attached sheet.

The scheme provides students with an in-depth experience in science, engineering and technology that will enable them to make an informed decision about their future studies and career.

This will be achieved by giving the students, in a 6 month programme;

· Hands-on work experience as part of a team

· Experience of problem solving, working on a project that is relevant to a local company

· Use of a university’s engineering workshops to develop, build and test solutions to the problem

· Professional skills lectures on Communications (written, verbal and visual) and Project Management

· The opportunity to develop technical skills and see school physics, chemistry, technology etc applied in an industrial environment

· An opportunity to meet professional and graduate engineers, scientists and technologists

· Experience in presenting their solution, in a formal verbal presentation and formal written technical report, to a panel of senior professional engineers

During their six-month project phase, students are encouraged to show industrial enterprise, creativity and innovation whilst gaining extensive experience of problem-solving, team-working and project management.


Project 2018 / 2019

Engineering Education Scheme in partnership with Bramcote College 6th Form and Rolls Royce

This year six of our Year 12 students have signed up to the project to work in partnership with Rolls Royce.

The students meet up on a regular basis with their mentor from Rolls Royce to work on their project, a gas turbine cylinder project that may eventually be used in a Rolls Royce engine.

Their journey so far has involved a fully funded 2 day residential at Loughborough University, weekly tutoring sessions with their mentor and 5 on-site visits to the Rolls Royce site in Derby.

The students are well on their way to completing the manufacturing of the gas turbine engine which they designed, with the assistance of the technicians at Rolls Royce after which they must compile and present their report.

The project is rounded off with the EES Celebration and Graduation Day which this year will be on Thursday 2nd May.

The whole process is supported by staff at Bramcote College 6th Form and funded by the Engineering Development Trust.