UCAS Tariff Points

What the points mean to you

UCAS Tariff points are used by some universities and colleges to set their entry requirements and to make offers. Currently, one third of courses in the UCAS search tool have a Tariff entry requirement.

Instead of asking for grades, a university might express the offer as a number of points. To help understand how many points a qualification is worth, UCAS has a Tariff calculator that you can use.

For courses starting from September 2017, a new Tariff will be in place. The new Tariff provides a fair and more transparent process of allocating Tariff points across a wider range of qualifications.

What the new points mean to you

The new UCAS Tariff points should not have any impact on your decisions about qualification choices at school or college, or your preparation for or application to a higher education course.

  • You'll still need to achieve the same A level, Scottish Advanced Highers, Scottish Highers, or BTEC grades (or grades in any other qualification you're taking) to meet the higher education course entry requirements.
  • All qualifications that are currently on the UCAS Tariff will continue to be allocated points under the new system.
  • The new Tariff is based on a different approach, using a qualification’s size and grades to calculate total Tariff points.
  • The numbers are much lower, for example an A level grade A* gets 56 points under the new Tariff, in comparison to 140 under the current Tariff.
  • The AS level is now worth 40% of an A level – this is more accurate according to qualification regulators.
  • 2017 entry courses advertised in the UCAS search tool from May 2016 will refer to the new UCAS Tariff points only. Approximately one third of courses on UCAS search currently refer to Tariff points. It is anticipated a number of courses will refer to the new Tariff from September 2017 onwards.

UCAS Tariff table

Extended Project Qualification AS level A level
New Tariff points

BTEC Diploma

(Double Sport Only)

BTEC Subsidiary Diploma/ Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma

      112 D*D*  
      104 D*D  
      96 DD  
      80 DM  
      64 MM  
    A* 56   D*
    A 48 MP D
    B 40    
    C 32 PP M
A*     28    
A   D 24    
B A   20    
C B E 16   P
D C   12    
  D   10    
E     8    
  E   6    


If you have any questions about the new Tariff, please contact Faye or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

There is also a helpful video which explains the Tariff in more detail on the UCAS website.