Student & College Learning Contract

Attendance, Progression & Expectations 

student contBramcote College Sixth Form believes that the college, student and parent/guardians all have an important part to play in making a student’s career in sixth form successful. For this reason we ask students and parents/guardians to read the following undertakings which follow and ask us if you have any questions. You can send us questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Students entering the Sixth Form at Bramcote College will find many differences from their previous experience of study. In particular, students are expected to work far more independently, taking more responsibility for organising their time and developing effective study habits. You will be given guidance in the development of learning skills required for individual subjects by the appropriate teachers and through tutor time. However, there are some general expectations that you should be aware of before embarking on a course in the sixth form.

In particular, please take note of the following attendance and progression policies.

Progression Policy

Entrance onto any sixth form course is dependent on meeting the minimum entry requirements as specified in your offer letter. However, progression once a course is started is not guaranteed unless an expected standard of effort, homework and attendance is maintained throughout its duration.

Every student will be allocated a target grade for every course based on their GCSE performance. This grade, along with assessment data and predicted grades will be used to monitor a student’s progress.  

Interventions will be put into place for students not making satisfactory progress.  This may include a period of a student being placed into Catch-up Club from 3.20pm.

Attendance Policy

Our expectation is that all students will maintain 100% attendance to lessons. Attendance at Bramcote College Sixth Form will be formally monitored.

  • Any student whose attendance drops below 95% in any area will have a review meeting with either their tutor, attendance officer or Head of Year.
  • Any student whose attendance drops below 90% will automatically be placed on attendance review and will have a formal discussion with the one of the KS5 team and their parent(s)/carer(s).
  • Any student whose attendance drops below 90% for two consecutive half terms may be asked to leave the Sixth Form.
  • Work missed due to any absences must be caught up with in full before the next lesson in that subject.

It should be stressed that ALL absence will count towards these figures. Authorised absence due to illness, job interviews / training or university visits can build up and may disadvantage your ability to progress satisfactorily with your studies. Students and their parents/carers must be aware of this and wherever possible students must attend ALL lessons.

Punctuality Policy

Our expectation is that all students will arrive at college in plenty of time and ready to learn.  Students must be in classrooms on time for the start of lessons. Lateness at Bramcote College Sixth Form will be formally monitored:

  • Any student who is late once will be given a verbal warning and referral by their teacher.
  • Any student who persistently late will be placed on late review and will have a formal discussion with one of the KS5 team and their parent(s)/carer(s). They may also be expected to make up time during their free periods or after college hours to catch up with work under supervised conditions.
  • Any student whose persistent lateness is affecting their learning and progress may be asked to leave the Sixth Form.

Students at Bramcote College Sixth Form expectations

Attendance and punctuality

  • Please download and use the sign in app, which allows you to sign in and out from your phone.
  • Attend all lessons punctually. Any student arriving late should sign in with the Attendance Officer.
  • Give notice in advance, to the Attendance Officer and to both form and subject tutors of any planned absence.
  • Sign-out with the Attendance Officer if leaving due to illness. Under all circumstances you should seek permission to leave College if you are missing a timetabled lesson.
  • If a student is absent due to illness a parent / carer must contact the Attendance Officer or 6th Form Administrator before 9.00am.
  • If students are Covid positive then please refer the latest Government guidelines.
  • Provide on the day of return to Bramcote College, following an absence for (non-Covid) illness or personal reasons, a letter of explanation from a parent/carer. We may require a doctor’s note in some circumstances.
  • Ensure that any work/assignment missed is completed on return from a period of absence.
  • Under no circumstances arrange driving lessons during timetabled lesson times. Evidence for a driving test will be required in order to authorise the absence.
  • Arrange dental and medical and any other appointments outside timetabled lesson times wherever possible. Emergency appointments will require you to provide official written evidence of dates and times.
  • In Year 12: remain on site during all lessons and registrations utilising private study facilities when not in taught classes, unless a student is performing well across all subjects.
  • In Year 13: attend Bramcote College as agreed with your form tutor (in line with your levels of progress).

Dress Code

Whilst we recognise the need for individuality and self-expression, we ask all students in our Sixth Form to wear clothes suitable for a working and learning environment.  This is also to reflect the Staff Dress Code that teachers and support staff have to adhere to.  Sixth form students have an important task as role models for the rest of the school and we expect students to use their common sense when selecting clothes to wear to college.  We ask all students in Year 12 and Year 13 to follow these guidelines:

Please do feel free to wear:

  • Jeans
  • Trousers
  • T-shirts (no offensive images or language)
  • Long/tailored shorts (not ‘hot pants’)
  • Skirts/Dresses (no shorter than mid-thigh)
  • Shirts/blouses
  • Hoodies
  • Jumpers
  • Cardigans
  • Trainers, Boots, Shoes/sandals

For additional clarification, please do not wear:

  • Beachwear (including flip flops)
  • Strapless tops
  • Low cut or overtly cropped tops that reveal excessive amounts of skin
  • Leggings, unless under an appropriate length skirt, dress, shorts or a long top/tunic
  • Underwear should not be visible

Please note, the Head of Sixth form will make the final decision about what is deemed appropriate.

As always, if in doubt, please ask.

Regulations & Procedures

  • Students may choose to wear facemasks when moving around the site. This may become mandatory if the Government places these restrictions upon us.
  • Students must wear any identification that may be needed for security purposes.
  • Refrain from using I-pods / MP3s, or mobile phones, around the site or in any building or room apart from the sixth form common room and ensure that they are switched off in all lessons
  • Keep the common room and any sixth form areas litter free and treat facilities with respect at all times. Students must also behave in a way that allows this to be a work space during lesson times.
  • Abide by the Bramcote College Sixth Form rules as displayed. Note that smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not allowed on site, or in the vicinity of the Bramcote College (especially on Moor Lane), or any area where contact may occur with uniformed students.
  • Behave in an appropriate manner to being a post-16 student and therefore a positive role model to younger students.
  • Bramcote College is a gum-free site. This is especially important due to the Covid risk that gum poses when disposed of.

Study & Extra-Curricular Participation

  • Prepare fully for ANY formal assessments to ensure progression throughout the year.
  • Devote a significant amount of time each week to independent study. This will include consolidation of work done in class and wider reading or research. For example, at least 4 hours independent study should be devoted to each subject per week. Students can work on-site in their “free” lessons in the Common Room or a BC village room if it is free, or they may choose to work from home. Working from home during frees will be reviewed in light of changes in Government guidelines due to the current Covid situation. We may also choose to review this if students are not meeting their work commitments. If students fall behind, they may be expected to attend private study sessions following an agreed timetable.
  • You may wish to stay after College hours to do work, however, all students must leave the building by 4:30pm to allow the cleaners to have full access to the 6th Form Common Room due to our enhanced cleaning regime.
  • Ensure that any homework/work/assignment/coursework drafts and coursework set is completed on time in agreement with the subject teacher.
  • Participate in all activities specifically arranged for sixth formers by college staff. This includes Friday Lesson 4 when pastoral/enrichment events are arranged.
  • Represent Bramcote College Sixth Form, if selected, in sport, music or other extra-curricular activities.
  • Become fully involved in Bramcote College Sixth Form enrichment.

Part-time employment

Recent national research found clear evidence that working more than 15 hours per week in Year 12 and more than 10 hours per week in Year 13 led to significantly poorer results in exams.  Therefore it is strongly advised that students undertake no more than 10 hours per week paid employment during term time for Year 13, with 15 hours being the absolute maximum permitted for Year 12. If students do choose to undertake employment, it should be mainly at weekends and definitely not interfere with lessons or study.  Please note that timetables are subject to change at any point in the academic year.


Plagiarism is taken very seriously at Bramcote College Sixth Form, especially if it is connected with coursework or controlled assessment work.   Plagiarism can result in an exam board cancelling a student’s exam entry and refusing to award a grade.  Students who engage in plagiarism at Bramcote College Sixth Form not only risk having their exam papers and coursework disallowed by the exam board, they also risk being ejected from the Sixth Form.


  • Students must register details with the Sixth Form Administrator of the number plates, make and colour of any car or motorbike/scooter driven to Bramcote College Sixth Form. The College also needs to keep a photocopy of your licence to drive or ride a vehicle and a copy of your certificate of insurance for the vehicle in order for you to be able to park it on site. If we do not have details for your vehicle, you will be asked to remove it from site.
  • Drive with due care and consideration for local residents and other students. Students who drive or park dangerously risk a driving ban from the Bramcote College premises.
  • Drivers will not be able to leave site between 3.20 – 3.30pm due to the number of pedestrians in the area.