Free Microsoft Office

For Computers, Laptops, Macs, and Tablets and even Phones

College O365

Every student at Bramcote College Sixth Form is eligible for a FREE copy of the latest version of Microsoft Office 365 to use on up to five devices at home. This is valid as long as you are a registered student with us and usually costs up to £79.99 per year or £8 per month.  Simply download the apps and sign in using your college email address.

This includes the Microsoft Office apps for Mac and Office 365 for Windows which features the following programs :-

Office Products

You can download your copy of Microsoft Office for Windows or iMac here.

Within this package, OneDrive allows you a massive 1Tb of “cloud” storage space to save your work into, which you can then access from in school and at home - no need for USB memory sticks that can get lost or damaged. Last year, several students lost large amounts of coursework due to corrupt and misplaced memory sticks. Always use your OneDrive or Remote Access.

Also included within the 5 devices students are allowed is Office for iPad and Office for Android. Your can access work stored on your OneDrive or tablet and edit in Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps designed especially for the iPad and most Android tablets. You can download the apps using the links below or find them in the Play Store for Android and the App Store for an iPad. You can also find more infomation at

Google play IOS Appstore

To access and activate these products you must know your College email address and password. Your password is the same as your network password and your your email address is your college username followed by