Our Latest Results

We are exceptionally proud of the BC6F results, not just this year, but over the past four years, which have put us in the top 25% of 6th Forms in Nottinghamshire.

Our students have demonstrated a level of dedication to their courses which has gone above and beyond the expectations of previous years due to national impact of Covid. Students have benefited from being in a small 6th Form where the potential impact of Covid has been reduced by small class sizes (on average 8 in a class). All BC6F students receive a Chromebook as their main learning resource at the start of Year 12 which has facilitated learning both in College and at home.

From 2018 to 2021 our average grade rose from a C- to a B, and the Summer of 2022 has seen record results for those recently completing A levels.

In 2022:

  • 85% of grades achieved were A* to C.
  • 58% of grades achieved were A* to B.
  • 28% of grades achieved were A* to A.

We have doubled the amount of A* to A grades awarded from 2019, with more than 1 in 4 grades now achieving the maximum level.

We pride ourselves on our destination successes which have improved year on year, with our 2022 students going on to study at top universities such as the University of Oxford, University of Liverpool, and the University of Nottingham to name but a few.

The vast majority of our students (we estimate at least 90% in 2022, rising from 87% in 2021) secured their first-choice destinations for life after BC6F.

 Emily Ken Shivanshi


"I could not have taken the path I am on now without BC6F"


"Thank you Bramcote College for believing in me"


"The best decision I could have made for myself...I will remember the people and the experience forever."


"I knew for sure that I'd made the right decisions."

My first year of college was sadly disrupted by the pandemic, but I still thoroughly enjoyed my time at BC6F. Staff were very supportive during the lockdowns and related disruption. The community of students as well as teachers is personal due to the size, which allowed teaching to be tailored to the needs of students. It was difficult to do A levels without having done GCSE exams, but with the hard work of the teachers I was able to achieve grades I am incredibly proud of. I could not have taken the path I am on now without BC6F. I’m so thankful for my time at BC6F!! I never thought university was for me, however the support from my teachers really pushed me to believe in myself and achieve what I never thought I could. I really enjoyed my time at Bramcote college due to the small environment and family feel from the staff and friends. So once again thank you Bramcote College for believing in me! Coming to Bramcote College was the best decision I could have made for myself. I always felt as though I was always in the back of teachers’ minds when they planned lessons - you’re a person here, not a number! BC is run for individuals by a team, and the opportunities I’ve had in the lower school too have taken me towards considering teaching. Such was the attraction that my shadow is probably etched into a chair in the common room, given how much time I spent there … voluntarily! I will remember the people and the experience forever. I loved my time at BC6F, both from an academic and more general point of view. The small college size means everyone knows everyone else and there's a real friendly sense of community built up. The staff were so so supportive and approachable (both teaching and leadership) and I honestly wouldn't be where I am today without their help. The whole UCAS process can be so overwhelming but the teachers here were great about making it all make sense and being there to deal with last-minute panics! They were always around for 1-1 meetings and the additional support meant I knew for sure that I'd made the right decisions. A massive thank you to BC6F!

Performance and Comparison

Please use the link below to the government's school comparison service to view and compare information on our performance in more detail.  Prior to September 2021, Bramcote College Sixth Form provision was listed as part of Alderman White School and therefore the data does not appear on the Bramcote College page of the school comparison website, but instead appears on the page for Alderman White School.

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Guidance on how the various performance measures are calculated is available here.

Progress Score
How much progress pupils made between the end of Key Stage 4 and the end of Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form)

Progress Score 
'completion and attainment' score for Tech Levels
Average Result Retention
A Levels -0.07 C+ 86.5%
Academic Qualifications -0.06 C+ 86.5%
Applied General Qualifications -0.52 Merit- 66.7%
Tech Levels 0.1 Merit+ 88.9%

Average Progress in English and Maths
How much progress students made in English and Maths qualifications such as GCSE re-takes.

Number of Students Progress Score
English 1 Data Suppressed*
Maths 7 0.71

* In certain circumstances data is supressed. This is usually when there are 5 or fewer pupils or students covered by the measure to protect individual privacy.

Student Destinations - Students progressing to education or employment
Students that left 16 to 18 study at this school or college in 2017, who either stayed in education or went into employment from October to March the following year, or stayed in an apprenticeship for at least 6 months:

   2017 Leavers
Students progressing to education or employment 80%

Student Destinations - Progression into higher education or training
The proportion of 16-18 students that progressed to degrees, higher apprenticeships or other study at level 4 or above for at least 6 consecutive months in the 2 years after taking advanced level qualifications (level 3) at this school or college.

   2016 Leavers
Students progressing to higher education or training 57%