english lang

A Level English Language

Exam Board
Entry requirements
Grade 5 or above in GCSE English or GCSE English Language
What will I study?
You will learn how to apply language level analysis and terminology to different texts and explore how they represent different groups, cultures and societies. You will learn how children learn and develop language, as well as how language has changed over time from Anglo-Saxon to the modern day. You will look at how English is used and spoken in the British Isles and around the world and how people use language for different purposes and outcomes. 
Paper 1: Language, the Individual and Society. 2 hrs 30, 40%Paper 2: Language Diversity and Change.  2hrs 30, 40% 
What skills will I gain?
You will learn how to apply different key constituents to a range of different texts. You will be able to identify how people use language differently in order to achieve different outcomes. You will become skilled at identifying different uses of English and be able to analyse and evaluate these uses depending on representation, outcome and meaning. You will work independently at re-creating your own creative text as well as carrying out a language investigation into a topic of your own choice. 
Studying beyond the classroom 
Students are expected to be independent and motivated learners. They will need to be able to collect their own resource bank of case study material which they can then refer to in their exam. Students are expected to have an interest in the uses of everyday English and to question how and why Language is used to represent groups, societies and cultures. 
Future pathways
Students who have an A Level in English Language often continue their studies at University by following courses such as Linguistics, Journalism, Speech Therapy, Education, Communication and Marketing. Skills learnt and developed at English A Level are highly desirable and are transferrable across a wide range of careers and professions.