further maths

A Level Further Mathematics

Exam Board
Entry requirements
Grade 8 or above in GCSE Mathematics.  You must also be studying A Level Mathematics.
What will I study?
What will I study? Further Maths is a course that not only requires a great deal of application but also a real desire to study some challenging mathematics. Students who are considering taking degrees with significant mathematical content, such as engineering, software development, and any of the sciences will benefit greatly from taking Further Maths. The areas of study will include:
Mechanics 1:
This focuses on the maths developed by Newton. In it, students will work on problems involving force and acceleration, collisions, impulse and friction.
Further Pure 1:
This is an extension of the work done in the core modules of the maths course. It focuses on a number of different topics that will not have been met at GCSE. These include matrices, parametric equations and the basis of all maths university courses, mathematical proof.
Decision 2:
This is an extension of the work done in Decision 1 in the maths course. In it, you will study the maths behind parcel delivery and how to maximise profit in a company.
3 x 2 hour exams at the end of Year 13
What skills will I gain?
Further Mathematics is held in very high regard by all universities and can prove to be a great differentiator when applying to the most prestigious ones.
Employers are looking for people who can think logically, analyse a situation rigorously and then make rational decisions on the basis of their conclusions. These transferable skills are an integral part of a mathematician’s training and make those with an A level in Further Maths very marketable.
Studying beyond the classroom
• Text books will provided for students and a lot of independent study and consolidation will be expected out of the classroom.
• Opportunity to visit local universities to participate in maths workshops
• Entry to Senior Maths Challenge
Future pathways
Degrees in Mathematics, Physics and Engineering - amongst others.