A Level Government and Politics

Exam Board
Entry requirements
Standard entry requirement including Grade 5 or above in English or History
What will I study?
• What does the House of Lords do?
• Why did the Conservatives win the 2015 General Election?
• Why is turn out in elections so low?
This course will enable you to answer these questions, and many more. You will develop your understanding of the role politics plays in relation to current local, national, and global issues, as well as studying key thinkers and political ideas. You will also learn about core political ideologies including Socialism, Conservatism and Liberalism and well as the structures of Government in the UK and beyond.
Paper 1: UK Politics and Core Political Ideas – 2hrs
Paper 2: UK Government and Political Ideologies (Nationalism) – 2hrs
Paper 3:Comparative Politics – Global Politics – 2hrs
What skills will I gain?
You will develop strong analytical skills and the ability to carefully consider opposing opinions when reaching balanced conclusions. You will be able to construct balanced, reasoned arguments and weigh-up various factors involved.
Studying beyond the classroom
Students will have the opportunity to spend the day in London visiting the Supreme Court, the Houses of Parliament, and Downing Street during the 2 year course.
Future pathways
The A level Government and Politics course is an ideal complement to those who also wish to study History, Philosophy and Ethics (RE), Sociology, Economics and Psychology at A level.
This A level gives an excellent foundation to those who wish to pursue Politics, Law, Economics, Philosophy or History to degree level and those who wish to make their careers in the legal, journalistic, political or business worlds.