A Level Art and Design: Photography (Lens and Light Based Media)  

Exam Board
Entry requirements
Grade 5  or above in GCSE English or GCSE English Language(or 9 -1 equivalent) or above in English or English Language.
What will I study?
You will produce three portfolios over the course of this A Level. Unit 1 Portfolio: Personal Creative Enquiry; ‘Narrative’ Unit 2 Portfolio: Personal Investigation For Unit 1, you will develop your photography skills and understanding through the study of a series of smaller topics in Instagram-ish, Sequencing, Levitation and Minimalism. You will then explore the title of Narrative through one of these skills areas. For Unit 2, you will develop your skills in one of the mini topics studied for Unit 1 and create your own title and focus of study for your Personal Investigation.  
Unit 3: Externally Set Assignment (24% of the A Level) Titles are released by WJEC on the 1st February of the second year of study. Students then have a preparatory study period in which they choose their title and prepare their response in the form of critical, theoretical and practical work. Students have a 15 hour period of sustained work in which to realise their production, linking their planning to their outcomes. 
What skills will I gain?
You will become a highly adept and confident photographer. You will be able to analyse an image confidently using a range of specialist terminology and explore the meanings and messages behind different images. You will become knowledgeable of a range of different photographers and styles You will develop your photography skills across different platforms (Photoshop and Dark Room editing). You will become more independent and skilled at setting your own titles, deadlines and outcomes. 
Studying beyond the classroom 
Students are expected to be independent and motivated learners. They will need to complete a significant proportion of their portfoliowork outside of the classroom –setting up and completing photoshoots, working on their portfolio and practising at developing their own photography skills. 
Future pathways
Photography is not just about taking photos! With an A Level in Photography, you will have refined your written and analytical skills, which can then be applied to a whole range of future careers and courses. As well as going on to study Photography at University and beyond, students can use Photography to access careers in marketing, advertising, journalism, English and Art.