A Level Psychology

Exam Board
Entry requirements
Standard entry requirement including Grade 5 or above in Mathematics
What will I study?
Component 1:
• Social Psychology
• Cognitive Psychology
• Biological Psychology
• Learning Theories
Component 2:
• Clinical psychology
• Criminal Psychology
Component 3:
• Methods
• Synoptic review of studies
• Issues and Debates
Component 1: Foundations in Psychology
2 hours, 35% of the course
Component 2: Applications of Psychology
2 hours, 35% of the course
Component 3: Psychology Skills
2 hours, 35% of the course
What skills will I gain?
• Critical Thinking
• Statistical analysis
• Research
• Evaluative
• Application to ‘real world’ understanding
• Extended writing
• Report writing
• Presentation
Studying beyond the classroom
Wider Reading, documentaries, visiting local health and social care services, discussions with friends and family, understanding of recent historical/cultural contexts.
Future pathways
Law, Social Work, Criminal Justice system, police officer, counsellor, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, teaching, business, marketing, Health & Social care sectors, research.