A Level Sociology

Exam Board
Entry requirements
Standard entry requirement including grade 5 in English
What will I study?
Component 1:
Section a (20 marks) - Key concepts and processes of cultural transmission and the acquisition of identity.
Section B (50 marks) - Youth cultures
Section C (50 marks) - Education
Component 2:
Research Methods (60 marks)
Component 3:
Section A (60 marks ) - Social stratification and differentiation
Section B (60 marks ) - Crime and Deviance
Component 1: Socialisation and Culture
Written examination 2 hours 30 minutes
40% of qualification
Component 2: Methods of Sociological enquiry Writing
Written examination I hour 45 minutes
20% of qualification
Component 3: Power and Stratification
Written examination 2 hours 30 minutes
40% of qualification
What skills will I gain?
• Critical Thinking
• Research
• Evaluative
• Application to ‘real world’ understanding
• Extended writing
• Report writing
• Presentation
Studying beyond the classroom
Wider Reading, follow the news, basic political understanding, discussions with friends and family, understanding of recent historical/cultural contexts
Future pathways
Law, Social Work, Criminal Justice system, police officer, counsellor, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, teaching, business, marketing, Health & Social care sectors, research.